"The secret is not to dream,” she whispered. “The secret is to wake up. Waking up is harder. I have woken up and I am real. I know where I come from and I know where I’m going. You cannot fool me any more. Or touch me. Or anything that is mine."

—Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men (via scared-of-clouds)
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I decided to never invest too much emotion in one thing. It’s always a set-up to the pain of losing them.” - Domino Harvey, Domino 2005

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Post #90 Daily Sketch #24

i’ve sort of been on a highschool Nostalgia Anime kick as of late, and i loved Police Girl

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"I suppose so. But we ‘ave ze English to zank for zat, non? Your language is quite somezing."


"i wouldn’t say it’s only a French tradition. Don’t people of all languages give nicknames to zose zey care about? Ze boys? I may have a few…I wouldn’t call zem adorable sough. Zat kind I reserve for you, Mignonette."

"Preferential treatment is bad for morale, Captain. Either call all of us ‘min-yon-net’ or none of us. And, I still wager you could count the languages that use ‘oyster sauce’ as a term of endearment on a blind carpenter’s fingers…”

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Name: Toccata - Carpimus Noctem
Artist: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Album: Night Castle (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version)
160 plays


Toccata Carpimus Noctem- Trans Siberian Orchestra

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"Not entirely, ma cher. Mignonette is what you say in French to call a girl a cutie~ Which in my opinion, you are! ….I never considered about ze food items zat name could also describe…"

"… Going from ‘oyster sauce’ to ‘cute girl’ is just about the strangest feat of linguistic acrobatics I’ve ever come across. And, I’m from the city that gave the world Cockney rhyming slang."

"But, this is a common thing in France, perhaps? Yes, it must be. I’m sure you have -loads- of adooooorable nicknames for the other soldiers. Under your command. Captain.”

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"So, I looked up the word ‘mignonette’, and it means either this herb with little white flowers or a sauce you serve with oysters. That’s just weird.”

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Describing the Smell of Blood


The answer to this question will depend on a few factors:

  1. Which blood is being described.
  2. Who is doing the describing.
  3. How fancy you want to get.

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