Keira Knightley by Libi Pedder.

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Dark art, blood, vampires -

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"The secret is not to dream,” she whispered. “The secret is to wake up. Waking up is harder. I have woken up and I am real. I know where I come from and I know where I’m going. You cannot fool me any more. Or touch me. Or anything that is mine."

—Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men (via scared-of-clouds)
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I decided to never invest too much emotion in one thing. It’s always a set-up to the pain of losing them.” - Domino Harvey, Domino 2005

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Post #90 Daily Sketch #24

i’ve sort of been on a highschool Nostalgia Anime kick as of late, and i loved Police Girl

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"I suppose so. But we ‘ave ze English to zank for zat, non? Your language is quite somezing."


"i wouldn’t say it’s only a French tradition. Don’t people of all languages give nicknames to zose zey care about? Ze boys? I may have a few…I wouldn’t call zem adorable sough. Zat kind I reserve for you, Mignonette."

"Preferential treatment is bad for morale, Captain. Either call all of us ‘min-yon-net’ or none of us. And, I still wager you could count the languages that use ‘oyster sauce’ as a term of endearment on a blind carpenter’s fingers…”

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